Will by Natalie Scholl – my latest reborn baby

Beautiful Jill!

She was made from a sold out limited edition Will kit sculpted by Natalie Scholl.

Will by Natalie Scholl

Will by Natalie Scholl

Will by Natalie Scholl

She is the size of a normal newborn baby. She takes newborn size clothing.

Jill has vinyl limbs and a vinyl head. Her body is soft cloth, carefully weighted on the inside to feel like a real baby! She weighs 6 pounds and is 18 inches long.

She has hand painted hair, blue glass eyes and hand rooted eyelashes.

Adopt Will by Natalie Scholl, now Jill


My work requires me to sit and work with my hands…this allows me to watch netflix as I do so. I’ve watched many TV series, including “Breaking Bad”, “Shameless”, “24″ and lastly Hemlock Grove. Since I am in Canada and have Canadian Netflix, my choices are much lower than my American friends. So a few days ago, I try “Vampire Diaries”. I wasn’t too excited about ANOTHER vampire series but I watched it anyway and now I am hooked! I am almost finished the first season and have 2 seasons left to watch. Mind you, many parts were just too predictable…I could tell who was going to be a vampire, etc etc.
So thank you Netflix for allowing me to keep myself sane while working :)